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Shoelace Sizes

Wondering what size lace you need for your shoes?  Simply count the number of eyelets in your shoes. Below is a suggested chart of average lace sizing but every shoe is different.

Sizing also depends on several factors, how loose or tight you tie your shoe, do you like to double tie, and the make and brand of your shoe. If in doubt, take out the laces of your shoes and measure them. If you need custom sizes, email us on our contact page. 

27 inches - toddler shoes, shoes with 2 pairs of eyelets.
36 inches - topsiders, youth sneakers, shoes with 3-4 pairs of eyelets
45 inches - most adult running shoes, tennis shoes, etc.  5-6 pairs of eyelets
60 inches - high top athletic shoes, work shoes 6-8 pairs of eyelets
72 inches - high top boots, work boots, some skates 7-9 pairs of eyelets
84 inches - specialty boots, skates 8-10 pairs of eyelets
96 inches - boots, skates 9-11 pairs of eyelets
108 inches - boots, skates 10-12 pairs of eyelets
120 inches - boots, skates 11-14 pairs of eyelet